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This Intensity trial set combined with three signature candles from us, which included: Good Morning; Energy Up; and Sunrise. Three different style scents but all can awaken your mind and recharge your power, helping you tackle your daily obstacles. 


Good Morning: Coconut, Caramel, Roasted coffee beans

Energy Up: Grapefruit, Tangerine and plum blossom.

Sunrise: Bergamot,  Hyacinth, Patchouli


SKU: SS101-003
  • Each candle is hand poured in Hong Kong. It includes soy wax and bee wax, IFRA fragrance oil and smokeless wick, which burns even and clean, leaving no ash or smoke.

    Burn Time: ~12-15 Hours
    Fill: 45g
    Dimensions: 5.6 cm D x 8cm H

    Tips: Always burn a candle for at least an hour to allow the wax to melt properly and the scent to evaporate.

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