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With our SAURORA candle tools, they can help you get the most out of your candle, not only extend the life of your candles, they can improve the fragrance and overall burn performance too. 


1. Wick Trimmers

Trimming the wick is easy enough when your candle is new, but that gets tricky when the candle has been burned a few times.  The long handle of this popular candle accessory allows you to easily reach the wick at the bottom of the candles, and the cleverly designed trimmers not only clip the burned wick debris, they collect it for easy retrieval. 

2. Candle Snuffers
It have been used for centuries for extinguishing candle flames. The cone shaped top keeps air away from the flame which causes it to extinguish. Candle snuffers can be used for all types of candles. The flexible design of the snuffers can let you extinguish from any angle.

3. Wick Dippers
This simply brilliant and easy to use tool provides a smoke-free, cleaner option for extinguishing your candles. Simply dip the lit wick into the melted wax pool, the flame is extinguished without the hassle of smoke and rogue candle debris. Also, when the wick become crooked, you can use the dipper to adjust it. 


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  • Material: Metal

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