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Make your life sparkle

Saurora, derived from the word “aroma”, pictures the first glow showering on earth when the sun breaks the horizon in dawn. Saurora understands that finding a comfort zone in a bustling city would never be easy. We therefore value every little detail in our dear customers’ life. With the most unique sensation experiences we provide, Saurora hopes to make it steps closer to building your own oasis in this dicey world. 


Scent triggers powerful memories. It acts like a time portal, instantly sweeping you from a busy street in Hong Kong to a tiny café in London that you visited years ago. Not only a pleasure a good scent can be, together with our products aesthetics, Saurora believes the sense of smell can be a medium of spirit – a spirit that revives your soul, wired to your mind and etched in your heart.

Saurora’s candles are all handmade with heart and quality. We endeavour to create the most extraordinary sensation experience with our unique scent formulas, products and packaging designs. To offer the most soul-nourishing experiences to our dear customers, we have been sourcing good-quality natural plant waxes and Europe-imported scented essence oils for our products as well.

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